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Just Wright Candle Co

Wild Resilience

Wild Resilience

Wild Resilience encapsulates untamed strength and unwavering determination. This candle is a delicious blend of fresh pineapple, warm amber, aromatic sage, anise, jasmine, and luscious plum. The transformative energy of Wild Resilience uplifts your surroundings, infusing it with a sense of strength, determination, and the untamed beauty of nature. Wild Resilience was named and created in honor of Sara’s best friend, Ali. Jena met Sara through the horse world years ago and thoroughly enjoyed making this meaningful candle in honor of her dear friend. 

Notes: Pineapple, Amber, Sage, Anise, Jasmine, Plum

50+ hour burn time! (Candle Care)

10% of all proceeds from this candle will be donated to cancer research.

A message from Sara: 

“There is something beautiful about having long-term friends that have witnessed multiple versions of you and continued to be there through them all. Ali has been that friend for me for a very long time, someone I could always share the good and the bad times with. During one of the biggest changes of my life, Ali introduced me to a candle scent that became an obsession for us both. We gifted candles/candle related items back and forth through the good and the bad times in our lives. Shortly after Ali and I started talking about missing that candle scent…. I found out she had been diagnosed with cancer. Because of Just Wright Candle Co. I’m able to share that candle scent with her again.  

Wild Resilience was named in honor of Ali. Her endearing and adventurous heart, love of the outdoors, and passion for the beautiful and wild things of life, all paired with her unwavering spirit in the face of a tragic diagnosis and her world being turned upside down. While Ali is an incredible friend, she’s even more so an inspiration and this scent will always be a way to remind myself to go boldly after joy, even in the face of adversity.” -Sara 

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